We can print standard 8.5x11 and 11x17 sheets using the Xerox laser printer. For prints larger than that, we have large format printers capable of printing on 24” or 42” width paper.

Pricing for the large format printers is based on length of the print coming out of the printer. Prints on the 24” wide printer are charged 20 cents per inch of length being printed out. The 42” printer has a cost of 35 cents per inch. (E.g. a 22x36 print would cost 36 x .20 =$7.20+tax, if printed from the 24" printer roll).

Anything printed on the Xerox (8.5x11 and 11x17) MUST be paid using 1Card funds. Large format prints can only be paid using cash or check.

Printing on the Xerox Printer will only be done via your one card. We will not take cash or check for this type of request.

Departmental/Organizational authorization for invoice charges is an acceptable alternative for payment. See the following resource for an annual authorization form.

Note: we can only take a limited volume of no more than 50 pages when printing for a department or organization. Print volumes exceeding the 50 page cap will need to go through Creative Services.

We can print on most forms of paper. Standard printing prices still apply. Be careful to ensure you bring the correct paper type to work best with our printer. We will need printing paper that is able to be used on a Laserjet. InkJet paper is not recommended for use on our laserjet printer.

We do offer transparency, photo, and cardstock paper for purchase. Standard printing prices apply in addition to the cost of materials. Materials must be paid by cash or check, while the campus printing price will be deducted from your 1Card balance.

Depending on individual need, formatting will vary. We do have training materials on our site to step you through the process. It is important that you design your poster in the dimensions you plan on printing in to avoid skewing and distortion.