Students can checkout laptops for a 1-week loan period. Laptops are available for re-checkout as soon as the start of the next business day if approved. This device can be renewed. See our Webpage on checkout policy to find our request form. All items should be reviewed and approved for both new loan requests and renewal requests using our general request form.

No. Once you return the laptop you must wait till the start of the next business day to reserve a laptop again.

There is no charge to use the equipment, however, if equipment is returned late there will be a late fee. Furthermore, all equipment checked out from the New Media Center must be in direct support of academic assignments or official VSU events.

No.  Since we are an academic institution, and we have a limited amount of equipment, we must reserve the equipment for students and faculty needing to use the equipment for academic related activities.

Yes.  We have some portable amplifiers that can be checked out for student/academic activities on campus. This request type can be found on our general request form.

We have a large selection of equipment including; laptops, LCD projectors, digital camcorders, DSLR cameras, and portable amplifiers.