Yes. Current VSU Student, Staff, and Faculty patrons can get their VHS, DVDs, CDRs and audio cassettes duplicated at the New Media Center. The New Media Center stocks these different media types at a reasonable price requiring patrons only to bring in their master copy for duplication. 

Note: We adhere to Copyright Law, and will not duplicate material determined as copyrighted without written permission. 

Transfer from one format to another is offered at the New Media Center. Converting VHS to DVD, VHS to MiniDV, MiniDV to DVD and vice versa are all available at the New Media center. Audio formats can be converted as well: LP to cassette, CD and DAT, cassette to DAT and CD, DAT to cassette and CD, as well as, converting all audio formats to digital files such as MP3, real audio and WAV. Keep in mind that the Media Center adheres to the copyright policy set forth by Valdosta State University.

No.  This is copyrighted material. New Media Center's facilities are not available to be used for such actions including, but not limited to: unauthorized music or software downloads and/or burns, unauthorized receipt and/or transmission of any kind of proprietary materials without either a license or other form of permission expressly granted by the respective owner of those materials. Media can make copies of any authorized materials for which the user has obtained either a license or some other form of legal permission.

If the conversion is for academic purposes, the cost includes only the cost of the DVD which is $1.50 for the first conversion. All other conversions are the same charge as personal projects. If the project is a personal project, there is a $2.00 per hour labor fee plus the cost of the DVD. Five conversions or more requested will include a $10 service fee.

Yes. Students can convert international video standards to the American standard NTSC for playback on American VCRs.

Yes. The New Media Center houses 2 DVD duplication towers that NMC staff use to duplicate the patron’s master DVDs. 7 copies of a DVD can be made simultaneously. The cost for non-academic duplication is $2.00 per DVD dub or $10 per hour, this depends on the quantity of dubs needed.

If the purpose of the copy is academic, the only cost is that of the DVD which $1.50 for the first conversion. After the first conversion the charge is similar to personal cost.  If the purpose is personal, the cost is $2.00 per copy plus the cost of the DVDs or $10 per hour.