To Faculty: Questions about RUSH ordering may be directed to:

Kenneth Smith (229-245-3734) or Robert Taylor (229-259-5057).

Standard turnaround time for RUSH processing is 24 hours during the standard work week. Wait times for RUSH items will be longer on the weekends.

Cataloging Procedures for 24-hour RUSH

  1. Catalog the item and print the labels as usual.

  2. Complete the physical processing for the item, or hand it to someone who can process the item with a note indicating it is a RUSH.

  3. Take the item to Circulation with a note indicating it's a RUSH and who requested it.


A RUSH title should travel with a note giving the name and telephone number of the person for whom it is being rushed.

If a title already in Cataloging is requested for RUSH processing: Cataloging personnel will locate the item and follow the cataloging procedures above.

If a title is ordered as a RUSH: When the title is received, Acquisitions personnel will carry it to the closest available Cataloging Librarian.

If a title is in Acquisitions when RUSH processing is requested: Acquisitions personnel will locate the title and carry it to the closest available Cataloging Librarian.