These lists describe which types of materials are cataloged for Odum Library and which are classed for the Instructional Materials Collection (IMC). These criteria are usually applied to materials ordered by the College of Education.

Class for IMC:

  • Children’s literature (assign LZ numbers), 852$b IMCJUVLIT - LZ Childrens Books

  • Readers (class in IMC Textbook section)  852$b IMCSTACK2 - IMC Stacks 2nd Floor
    NOTE: A reader is usually (1) defined as such by the publisher, (2) part of a set  (3) literary in content.

  • Books that a child or student would use independently

  • Media (filmstrips, etc.) that a teacher would show to a class 852$b IMCROOM2, IMC Room 2nd Floor

  • Media that corresponds with a book already in the IMC (class to shelve with the book)

  • Teacher’s editions. 852$b IMCSTACK2 - IMC Stacks 2nd Floor
    NOTE: A teacher’s edition should be a teacher’s version of an item the student would use, with "red-line" material added.

  • Vocational education student materials 852$b IMCSTACK2, IMC Stacks 2nd Floor

Class for 3rd floor Odum:

  • Books about how to teach something

  • Books with materials that a teacher would reproduce and give to a class

  • English materials (ordered by the Department of English to support their curriculum)

  • Physical education and sports materials (ordered by HPER)--unless aimed specifically at children

  • Vocational education teacher’s materials 

Holding Record: 852$b STACKS - Stacks - 3rd Floor

FAMC Materials: 
(Give to Acquisitions Librarian/FAMC Cataloger)

  • Fine arts materials (ordered by the College of the Arts to support their curriculum-- dance, music, theater, etc.)

  • Media materials ordered by the Communications Department