VSU Achievements on Vtext

Look here for a variety of VSU accomplishments from theses and dissertations to presentations, articles and CV’s and much more.  Just click on the link to get into Vtext and either search or browse through colleges and groups such as athletics or student organizations.  VSU publications are here as well as student and faculty research.  Click on the entry you want, then click on View to see your item.

Submit Your Accomplishments

VSU is doing great things! The problem is that we don’t know about most of them. We need you to share your accomplishments with VSU and with the world. We are using our institutional repository, Vtext, to collect your achievements, stories, and lots more. What do we want? It can be anything—as long as it is, or can be made, electronic.

What do we want? It can be anything — as long as it is, or can be made, electronic.

  • Your CV
  • A copy of an article
  • Your thesis or dissertation
  • Your slides from a conference presentation
  • Work you have done with students
  • Posters
  • A summation of your department's achievements for the year
  • An annual report for a college or department
  • A final grant report
  • A link to a video on YouTube
  • A video we could put on YouTube and link
  • Photographs on Flickr or that we can put on Flickr and link
  • Conferences held at VSU
  • Your department's annual IER
  • Anything that tells a story of VSU achievement
  • Minutes of a campus organization
  • Information on programs presented by faculty, staff, or student groups

You will be able to see your contribution by going to the college or to the category (such as administration or student groups) in Vtext and browsing or searching. A quick click on View shows you a PDF or a link to the content you submit.

If you are adding published journal articles to Vtext, please know that most journals allow publication to an IR.  You may do a search in Sherpa Romeo on the name of your journal: https://v2.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.html  to see your journal's policy on publications at other sites and the versions they allow to be published on IR's. You may also check your journal's publication policy, if it is not on that list.

We want to tell the story of VSU and preserve our achievements.

Links on webpages can disappear. Content in Vtext is permanent. Just contact archives@valdosta.edu if you have questions. This is a University-wide Strategic Plan initiative that the Archives and Odum Library are managing for VSU, but it can’t exist without you! Please use the form to submit materials to tell VSU’s story.

Submit Your Accomplishments