Periodicals Collection

The Current Periodicals Reading Room is located on the first floor across from the Internet Café.  The most currently received issue of journals and periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title on a two-tiered up tilt display shelf.  More recently received issues of the same title can be found underneath on the second shelf by raising the up-tilt display shelf.  Once bound, periodical titles starting with the letters "A" through "Z" can be found on the 1st floor.  (Library maps)

Periodical Titles List  - A list of print or microform library periodical holdings.   

If you know the title for which you are looking the the Journals tab should be helpful on the Library's website page should be helpful.  See also the Electronic Collections description.

The News Resources Subject and Course Guide may be of interest.

Helpful aids: Guide: Scholarly vs Trade Magazines vs Popular Magazines and Peer Review periodical descriptions.