This off-campus site offers various degrees that you can obtain right here in Camden County. All of our classes meet at night or on the weekend, which meets the needs of our non-traditional students from this area.

We have many of the same features of main campus, but on a smaller scale such as advising and assistance with financial aid.

We are proud to be here at Kings Bay to serve our military and their family members, as well as our community.

Degrees Available

Associate of Arts

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • General Studies
  • Political Science
  • Pre-Nursing - core curriculum only

Bachelor of Arts

  • Criminal Justice
  • Interdisciplinary Studies  (General Studies)
  • Political Science

Bachelor of Science

  • Education
    • Workforce Education and Development


(These programs have application deadline requirements. Please check with the office for more information on them.)

  • Master of Education - Adult & Career
  • Master of Public Administration (online)

Set up an appointment with an advisor if you don't see a degree plan that meets your needs.

Additional Resources