Transient Students

Students in the University System of Georgia that do not see their university listed here can participate in the ISEP exchange program only as a transient student through a consortium member institution.

For transient students, the University System of Georgia ISEP Consortium is providing a service to students from outside schools to enroll on their campuses as a transient student as a way for them to be involved in the ISEP program.  Schools that are not members of the ISEP consortium  cannot send students directly themselves.  Members of ISEP's Georgia Consortium are members primarily for the purpose of sending their own students abroad but also accept transient students as a courtesy to the other USG schools and their students.

If you are already enrolled in a four-year degree program and do not see your school listed as a member of the ISEP Consortium, you must apply to one of the consortium schools as a transient student to participate in the ISEP program and should first contact the state ISEP Coordinator, Beverly Vantine at . If you are enrolled in a two-year Associate's program, you will need to be admitted to a four-year degree program before you participate in ISEP so that your upper level classes can transfer back and you are eligible for financial aid.

Transient students will be placed at a participating institution for their exchange.  This is where they will be registered for classes and pay their tuition, room and board.  All transients pay the same fees no matter where they are placed in the consortium.  Please be aware that it is up to the member institution to orient ISEP transients from other schools and you may be required to travel to that school to attend an orientation or meet with an ISEP coordinator.  This travel will be at your own expense.

Transient Fees

All transient students pay the same fees no matter which consortium school they are placed with. The transient fees for academic year 2013-2014 were set collectively by the ISEP consortium member schools based on the cost to any one of the schools for paying the tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and meals for the incoming ISEP students who comes to one of the Georgia schools in the place of the outgoing student.

The fees for 2013-2014 are as follows:

***NOTE: Please note that there are two separate application fees; one goes to the ISEP organization for facilitation of the exchange process between the consortium and the international partner.  The other goes to the Georgia consortium for facilitation of the transient student's participation in the program through a member institution.  An application is not considered complete and will not be submitted to ISEP until both application fees have been received.

$390 application fee to the ISEP organization, payable by check or credit.  The $390 application fee is for both ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct. Students who wish to submit application for dual placement (two semesters in two different locations) will pay $490. 

$200 Georgia Consortium application fee payable to Valdosta State University, payable only by check. (This fee is still $200 even for students going on ISEP-direct programs).

For Exchanges only: $8,700 per semester to cover tuition, room and board which includes a meal plan or stipend.  (For ISEP-direct programs, all fees are paid directly to ISEP and vary by host school).

***Once a transient student has been placed within the consortium they will be contacted by their assigned transient home coordinator at their assigned member institution with a detailed breakdown of the $8,700 semester fee.  As students within the USG financial aid and scholarships should apply just as if they were attending school in Georgia.  Students should speak with their financial aid office on how to transfer HOPE and financial aid funds to their transient school.

All fees must be paid in full before the student leaves on exchange.

Any questions about transient student status or application process should be addressed to:

Beverly Vantine, EC Coordinator
Center for International Programs 
1500 N Patterson Street
Valdosta, Georgia 31698 

PH: 229-259-2591 or 229-333-7410 
FX: 229-245-3849