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The application deadline to teach in Summer 2017 is March 24, 2016.

All faculty are welcome to apply but should speak with their campus representative before submitting an application. Preference is given to full time faculty. Some part-time and adjunct professors have constraints within their contracts for teaching in the summer; these issues should be cleared with the campus representative before applying. Program Directors have the final say on selected applicants. This opportunity is open to those with and without study abroad experience.

*Click on the program icon below the instructions to download the application.

1. Please submit all applications as a PDF document. Each of these 6 items should be a separate document rather than one single document that encompasses all items.  Items that need to be included are:

     a. EC Application downloaded from the European Council website

     b. Two Syllabi (one for lower division class proposal and one for an upper division class proposal)

     c. Short curriculum vitae not exceeding four pages in length

     d. One Letter of Recommendation

     e. Transcripts indicating your highest degree obtained. Transcripts do not have to be originals and copies can be obtained from your schools Provost, HR, or whoever is in charge of keeping them on your campus. 

2. The European Council needs an electronic copy and a hard copy of all applications. The electronic copy of the application does not require signatures; however, the hard copy does. Candidates can email an electronic copy of the application to Beverly Vantine, the EC Coordinator, at bbreeland@valdosta.edu and should also copy their campus representative. The hard copy of the application should be mailed to:

     Valdosta State University
     Center for International Programs
     Attn: Beverly Vantine
     1500 N Patterson St.
     Valdosta, GA 31698

3. Both the faculty-candidate and campus representative are encouraged to keep a copy of the application with approved signatures for personal records. 

If you have questions, please contact the EC Coordinator, Beverly Vantine, at bbreeland@valdosta.edu

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