Graduate Assistant Competitive Funding Application - Summer 2022

This application is open for faculty, staff, and/or administrators to request a Graduate Assistant line for the 2022 Summer term. Both stipend and tuition waiver will be provided by the VSU Graduate School for as many GA positions as our remaining budget is able to support.

To be considered for Competitive Funding all applications are due back to no later than 02/18/2022. Supervisors will be notified by mid-March of awarded positions.

You will want to be as descriptive and forthcoming as you can on the form. Please also refer to the rubric which is how each application will be scored by the Competitive Graduate Assistantship Selection Committee and awarded funding. (The Competitive Graduate Assistantship Selection Committee has representation from every College and Division.)

Thank you for your participation.
  • May, June, and July
    May and June
    June and July
    May only
    June only
    July only
  • Administrative Assistant
    Research Assistant
    Teaching Assistant
    Housing Assistant
    Instructor of Record
  • -Types of Graduate Assistant-

    Administrative Assistant: Most common, performs tasks important to daily office functions
    Research Assistant: Primary responsibilities are to work directly with faculty doing research-based tasks
    Lab Assistant: Students assigned to aid with lab setup, proctoring, answering questions, helping with Labs
    Teaching Assistant: Students assigned instructional duties in a course under the supervision of experienced faculty members.
    Housing Assistant: GAs assigned to work with campus residence halls
    Instructor of Record: This position is different from a TA in that they are fully responsible for their own courses (Teaching, Lesson Planning, Grading, etc.)
  • 14 hours
    19 hours
    Will split time between two departments (see below)
  • Funding Applicants have the option of partnering with another faculty/staff member/office to apply for a GA to split their time between the two sites. If two Departments wish to apply together, please add names of both Departments AND both Requesters in the above fields. We encourage you to make it clear in your application how the different offices are connected/how GAs part-time duties will serve both.

    For example, a joint application for Summer funding might look like a request for a GA to act as the liaison between the Center for South GA Regional Impact and University Advancement. The rationale being that the GA would be working on projects that included/affected both departments.

  • To find the Graduate School Mission, click here. To find the University Mission, click here.
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