Types of First Year Learning Communities

Major Based

These learning communities are based on a student's declared major. Courses associated with these communities are based on the requirements for the specific degree the student has declared, however all courses will apply to a student's CORE curriculum requirements regardless of major choice.

Major or Program FLC Option(s)
Art  Interior Design & Art (LC64)
Art Education  Interior Design & Art (LC64)
Biology Biology 1, 2, or 3 
*based on math VMI level
Business (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, International, Economics) World of Business (LC27) 
Chemistry Chemistry (LC71)
Computer Science  Computer Science (LC 67)
Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene & Nursing (LC22)
Early Childhood Education Education 1 or 2  (LC40 or LC41)
Education (Middle Grades, Comm. Disorders, Sign Language, Physical Ed.) Education 1 or 2 (LC40 or LC41)


Humanities (LC)
Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology (LC42)
Exploratory (Undecided) Freshman Year Experience 1 or 2 (LC01 or LC02)
Humanities majors (English, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Math, Applied Math, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science, Spanish, Criminal Justice, Organizational Leadership, and French) Humanities (LC)
Interior Design  Interior Design & Art 1 or 2 (LC64 or LC65)
Mass Media Mass Media (LC29) 
Music Music 1 or 2 (LC69 or 70)
Pre-Nursing Nursing 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (LC16, LC17, LC18, LC24, or LC25)
Psychology Psychology (LC38)
Public Relations Public Relations (LC56)
Theatre & Dance Theatre & Dance
Air Force ROTC AFROTC Residential 
Honors (Must be admitted into the Honors College) Honors


These learning communities may be based on major or theme. In addition to attending classes with each other, students participating in these learning communities will also live in the same residence hall. For more information, please visit the Housing and Residential Life website.

Air Force R.O.T.C.

For more information regarding the AFROTC program, refer to the AFROTC website. Students participating in the Air Force ROTC learning community will be living in Brown Hall.


Application required. Refer to the Honors Program website. Students participating in the Honors learning community will be living in Reade Hall.