Byte Surveys


Do your students have a survey? Do your student’s need data quick? The VSU Center for eLearning has developed an innovative way to streamline the survey creation and data collection process. We would like to introduce BYTE.


This means a byte of your time, for a byte of ours. But how do we do that? Bring us a survey. We’ll help your student reduce the survey to 8 questions. We’ll even help put the survey in Qualtrics! Once a month, we’ll go out and collect the data. Yeah, we know people don’t like to take surveys, so we’ve come up with a plan. We’ll give survey takers free stuff! VSU community members take a 3-minute survey with 8 questions (bits) in exchange for 1 byte of something to eat, for free! Your students get the data. Survey takers get free food. We’re all happy.

Click the link below to request a BYTE.

Byte Request Form

Byte Pilot