Guidelines for Colleges, Departments, and Programs Using SOIs

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated, the standard SOI form will be used for all courses. If a college, department, or program needs to add any further questions, they must submit those questions in writing to Keisha Roberts,, in Information Technology no later than mid-point of the term in which those questions will be used.

  2. The following types of courses will NOT have SOIs: internships, directed studies, practica, student teaching, and thesis and dissertation hours. If a faculty member wants to request SOIs for one of those types of courses, the request must be sent to the department head; if the department head approves, the request is forwarded to the appropriate dean or director. If the dean or director approves, the request should be forwarded to Academic Affairs

  3. For each full term, online SOIs will generally be available approximately two weeks before the last class date of that term.  For parts-of-term classes and summer courses, online SOIs will generally be available one week before the end of the term (please check posted schedule for more complete information).  Automated email messages will be sent to both faculty and students when the SOI “window” has opened.

  4. Lists of students who have not yet completed SOIs as well as lists of students who have completed SOIs (non-compliance reports and compliance reports) will be available for instructors who wish to access them from the EAS portal according to the posted schedule; these reports will be taken down at the end of the final examination period. Unless requested by the appropriate dean, director, or department head, non-compliance reports will not be posted for classes with 5 or fewer students enrolled or which have 5 or fewer responses. Send requests to Academic Affairs .

  5. During regular terms, students who have not completed SOIs by the end of the first week will receive an automated email message to their VSU email address reminding them to complete them.  If still not completed at the end of the second week, a second automated reminder will be sent.

  6. During regular terms, SOI availability will end at midnight on the first day of the scheduled exam period (before exams begin).  For other parts of term, SOI availability will end at midnight on the last scheduled day of class (before the last class day).

  7. No deviations from the scheduled opening and closing of the SOI "window" will be permitted unless a request is forwarded from a faculty member to the department head to the dean/director and finally to Academic Affairs

  8. Current SOI data will generally be available for faculty approximately three days after final grades are submitted.

  9. The raw data (individual responses stored in the database) will be deleted after 60 days, so please make sure that any incomplete information is reported to IT immediately.