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2013- "Innovations in Teaching and Learning"

2012- "Envisioning the Core"

  • This year’s conference theme is designed to maximize broad discussions of the purposes of the core curriculum. It focuses on “connecting the dots” for students—on how to make the core a meaningful intellectual journey. Too often, students plod through the core, often simultaneous with their major, without a clear understanding of the purpose of the core curriculum or the direction of their own intellectual journey. Students need a way to make sense of their experience but may not have the conceptual framework to do so. They may find intellectual correspondence and coherence, but new ways need to evolve that make these experiences intentional. Faculty also need a vision of the core that will motivate interdisciplinary dialogue and shared intellectual imagination. Student affairs should also play a significant role in orienting students to the intellectual life of the core curriculum. What is needed is a vision that empowers students, faculty, and staff to join together in the shared enterprise that is the core curriculum.
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2011- "Core Values-Major Rewards"

2010- "Making Core Matter"