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VSU's Rebecca Falk Serves as Trailblazer for Investing

Valdosta State University graduate Rebecca Falk serves as a trailblazer among students in the Langdale College of Business Administration. As one of the first presidents of the university’s student investment group, she has helped lead the group through its first year of fully managing a portfolio of securities totaling approximately $60,000.

“As a student-managed portfolio, all of the decisions have been made by us,” said Falk.

Falk received bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from VSU and is now enrolled as a graduate student in the university's Master of Business Administration program. She continues her role as investment group president making sure that the portfolio remains diversified and the best approaches are used when allocating funds and choosing stocks.

“Beyond the responsibilities of the portfolio itself are the responsibilities involved in making the group a beneficial learning experience for all students who are involved,” Falk said.  “ I try to make sure each person has their questions and concerns answered with respect and everyone's voice is heard, and that votes are carried out in an orderly, effective manner.”

Upon receiving her master’s degree Falk, desires to work in international relations - particularly within a university system.

“I hope to find a career that allows me to pursue my own love of exploring the world's beautiful cultures and share that with others, perhaps by working to expand study abroad and foreign exchange programs and student's participation in them,” said Falk. “I truly realized my passion for study abroad programs last summer after participating in a summer program to the Republic of Turkey, a truly overlooked gem of history and culture.”

Falk is a Gonzales, Texas native and resides in Valdosta with her husband. Her ultimate plans include later obtaining a doctoral degree and traveling the world.

“Right now, the future is an open book and we get to explore the possibilities of what we would like to write in it.”