Healthy VSU

Dying to be Thin: The "Skinny" on Eating Disorders

A candid presentation on Body Image and Eating Disorders. During this presentation and open discussion you will learn what a healthy/negative body image is & the effects that it can have on developing an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders PowerPoint

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders

How to Approach Someone You Care About 

How to Support a Friend 

Does he/she love me, does he/she love me not?

Are you in a health relationship? We sure hope so & we want to make sure that you know the difference between a health relationship and an unhealthy relationship.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships PowerPoint


Presentation on tobacco, the effects of tobacco, tips on how to quit.

Tobacco Jeopardy: is an interactive trivial game based off of the game show Jeopardy that is used during some of the tobacco presentations.

Fresh Start: Is a Smoking Cessation (how to stop smoking) created by the American Cancer Society. The Health Educator is a certified Fresh Start Instructor and will lead this class and offer proven methods to stop smoking.

Up In Smoke PowerPoint

QPR (Question Persuade Refer) Suicide Prevention

QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer, three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught gatekeeper training program in the United States, and more than 725,000 adults have been trained in classroom settings in more than 48 states.