Volunteer Services


Volunteers are not paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

The mission of Volunteer Services is to promote student development and community awareness at Valdosta State University.  The Volunteer Services office promotes and facilitates opportunities to build partnerships between VSU and the community.  The goal is to instill a sense of civic responsibility among students through critical engagement and participation in the Valdosta city and county community.


1. Community Awareness: There are many needs in our community that
provide opportunities for service by our members and create
awareness of human need.

2. Valdosta State Visibility: It is important to be visible in the community so that
residents, organizations and businesses know that Blazers are
serving and supporting the community.  This may also inspire new
people to want to join the effort.

3.Expand Service Opportunities: Expanding service opportunities helps bridge relationships among the community.

For more information email Michelle Leeper meleeper@valdosta.edu