Student Recreation Center General Policies

  1.  No one under the age of 17 will be allowed to use the facility.

  2. Members must have their valid VSU ID to enter the building

  3. While in specific areas, proper attire must be worn at all times. (Proper attire will be determined by the specific area).

  4. Food is allowed only in front lobby of the SRC unless approved for a special function (i.e. Sundeck).

  5. Beverages in plastic containers with re-sealable caps are allowed. No glass or metal containers are allowed in the SRC.

  6. Consumption of, intoxication, appearance/smell of intoxication, or possession of alcohol will result in immediate removal from the SRC.

  7. The SRC is a smoke free facility. Smoking or tobacco use in any form is prohibited.

  8. The SRC is a place for exercise, fun, and relaxation. Abusive, vulgar, or degrading language will not be tolerated.

  9. Facilities and equipment should be used for their designed purpose.

  10. If damages occur to the SRC equipment or facilities, the Member will be responsible for the cost of the repair.

  11. Any individual not following appropriate policies or behaviors will be asked to leave the facility and possibly receive a suspension from the SRC.

  12. No animals are allowed in the SRC with the exception of authorized service animals.

  13. Individuals must gain access to the facility through the front doors and turnstiles unless approved for a special function (i.e. Sundeck)

  14. Members found not adhering to policies are subject to removal from the SRC and further disciplinary action.

  15. The SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Do not bring valuables to the facility. Should you believe an item of yours to be stolen, you should immediately file a report with the Valdosta State Police Dept. in order to ensure a proper investigation is started. All "non-valuable" items will be held for 14 days and then discarded. "Valuable" items will be turned over to VSU Police ( 229-333-7816) immediately. You may pick up your lost items at the Front Desk of the SRC.

  16. Any participant suspected, by a VSU Campus Recreation staff member, of sustaining a concussion or head injury while participating in a VSU Campus Recreation activity will be removed immediately from participation. The individual who has been removed from participation may not return until he/she has been evaluated by a liscensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. Written clearance on a doctor's prescription pad/letterhead, from the health care provider seen, is required to be turned into a VSU Campus Recreation supervisor, Graduate Assistant, or Professional Staff Member before any activity can be resumed at VSU Campus Recreation.


Student Recreation Center Weight Room/Cardio Area Policies

  1. No tank tops, cut-off shirts, jeans or shorts/pants with zippers and/or buttons. Only full t-shirts and athletic shorts/pants are allowed

  2. No sandals, open-toed shoes, boots or slides. Full athletic footwear must be worn.

  3. Belts are not allowed. (This does not include weight lifting belts)

  4. Towels are required for personal hygiene and equipment cleanliness. Please wipe down equipment after use.

  5. No personal items are allowed in this area. Please use lockers provided on the first floor. Free day lockers as well as semester and yearly contracts are offered.

  6. Keep hands and feet clear of moving parts while machine is in use. Place hands and feet only on the handgrips and footpads provided. Please use machines and equipment only for their intended purpose.

  7. Do not operate equipment if it has loose or damaged parts. If machine fails to operate correctly, do not attempt to repair. Notify an SRC employee of the problem immediately.

  8. Participants exercise at their own risk. Individuals are responsible for their own health and safety.

  9. All free weight users are recommended to have at least one spotter. Staff is not required to spot.

  10. Use of collars is mandatory on all free weights bars.

  11. Please return weights to proper storage racks.

  12. Dumbbells are to be used only in specified area.

  13. DO NOT drop weights/dumbbells on the floor. Members who do so will be subject to disciplinary action.

  14. No equipment is to be moved from its designated area.

  15. There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment. During peak times of usage, limit your workout to 20 minutes. Please be courteous and think of others.

  16. Only SRC staff may operate stereo and video equipment.

  17. Individuals who are not able to safely or properly use the equipment will be asked to leave.

  18. All users must remain at least 5 feet from mirrored walls during exercise. Please do not touch mirrors.

  19. It is the user’s responsibility to follow and obey all posted rules and SRC staff. Please ask the staff on duty if you have questions or need an interpretation.

  20. Please turn treadmills completely off before getting off.


Student Recreation Center Jogging Track Policies

  1. The jogging direction will be rotated weekly, every Monday morning. Please follow the posted direction.

  2. The two inside lanes are for walking and the two outside lanes for joggers.

  3. Faster joggers or walkers should move to the outside lanes (#2 walking and #4 jogging).

  4. Slower members should move to the inside lanes (#1 walking and #3 jogging).

  5. Stretching is allowed in designated locations only.

  6. For all members’ safety. No loitering is allowed on the track surface.

  7. SRC members and guests are not permitted to watch basketball games from the jogging track railing.


Student Recreation Center Court Policies

  1. Only athletic footwear is allowed! Footwear which marks floor surfaces or is worn inappropriately is not allowed. No high heels, boots, dress shoes or open-toed shoes are allowed. This includes spectators.

  2. Dunking is not permitted. This also includes hanging on the rim and “popping” the rim.

  3. Hitting, kicking and of bouncing or soccer balls, basketballs or other items against the walls is not permitted.

  4. No personal items are allowed around the basketball courts. All items must be properly stored in lockers provided. Items left unattended are subject to removal by staff.

  5. No headwear except athletic headbands is allowed on the gym floor.

  6. Athletic clothing only. Shirts are required, and shorts/pants must be worn at or above the waist (i.e. no exposed underwear).

  7. Eye protection is recommended when using the racquetball courts.

  8. Do not move equipment already set up. If you would like equipment set up, please ask the facility supervisor for assistance.

  9. Full court games must be condensed to half-court games when other individuals are waiting to play and there are no other courts available.

  10. Spectators are to sit in designated areas only. No standing along the baseline, between courts or sitting on window ledges.

  11. Priority is given to previously scheduled activities.

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