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B.A. Degree with a Major in French Language and Literature

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • Degree Format: Online, Traditional


French is a Romance language and an official language of France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, among other countries. Fluency in a foreign language is an invaluable skill and an important element in our increasingly global society. College graduate who are proficient in French and who have a deep understanding of French culture have many advantages in the workforce and can pursue careers in healthcare, social services, law and law enforcement, humanities-related fields, teaching and more.

The VSYOU Difference

French majors at Valdosta State University have a number of opportunities to hone their language skills both in and out of the classroom. Students can take advantage of service learning opportunities and cross-disciplinary collaboration within the university, the region and around the world. The department’s foreign language lab gives students a quiet and dedicated space to study and access online resources. Students are invited to join Le Club sans Nom, an organization that encourages conversational French and seeks to expand the knowledge and awareness of Francophone cultures. In addition, study abroad opportunities are available for French students in France, Senegal, Africa and Quebec, Canada.

What You'll Learn

Students in the Bachelor of Arts program become proficient French speakers, listeners, readers and writers. They also focus on French culture and trends, learn about major historical events and their role in the development of the Francophone cultures, and study culturally relevant literary and artistic works. Students can delve deeper in their area of interest by selecting either the language and culture track or the foreign language education track. Upon graduation, students are qualified to enter a number of fields or to continue their studies in a graduate program.



  • Bilingual Educator
  • Bilingual Tax Assessor
  • Business Manager
  • Customs/Immigration Officer
  • Foreign News Correspondent
  • French Instructor
  • Government Administrator
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Medical Interpreter
  • Political Analyst
  • Refugee/Immigrant Specialist
  • Sales and Marketing Specialist
  • Secondary School French Teacher
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Translator
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Museum Director