R.N. Preference Pathway Admissions Information

Deadlines for Program Admissions:

Spring Semester:  December 1

Application Checklist

Students should make note of the deadlines listed above when completing the application process. The information on this page pertains to the stated application cycle.

Admission to Valdosta State University

Processing transfer credit equivalency can take time, and students should apply to the university as soon as possible to receive a tentative acceptance prior to the program admission deadline. Students who have not at least been tentatively accepted to the University will not be considered for admission.

NLNAC Accreditation

Students must have graduated from a NLNAC Accredited Registered Diploma or Associate Degree program.

Minimum Practice Expectations of the Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Model (2003)

  • 0-4 years since graduation from ADN or Diploma Program  OR
  • Have practiced a minimum of 1000 clinical practice hours in the last three years 

Graduates of non-accredited programs and those who do not meet the practice criteria (above) must pass the standardized tests at the national average in fundamental/basic concepts and pharmacology.

Completion of Nursing Core Requirements

Applicants must have ALL Nursing core requirements completed upon entry to the BSN program. Applicants who have not completed or will not complete required coursework prior to the application deadline will not be considered for admission. A minimum of a C must be earned in area D and F courses. No more than two science/health science courses may have been repeated.

Hold a Georgia R.N. license in Good Standing

Selection process

  • Eligible RN-BSN Applicants will be ranked in order by college level grade point average; admission will be offered to the top ranked applicants and may be limited by space availability. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Eligible applicants who are not admitted must complete the application process during a future application period.

If you are meet all of these requirements, click on the link below to apply to the program.


R.N. - B.S.N.

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R.N. - M.S.N.

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