SAHE: Student Affairs and Higher Education

SAHE 7860: Student Development Theory

SAHE 7870: Student Personnel Service in Higher Education

SAHE 7880: Counseling in Student Affairs

SAHE 7890: Technology in Student Affairs


SCHC: School Counseling

SCHC 7010: Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling

SCHC 7400: Counseling Theory And Practice*

SCHC 7420: Counseling Children and Adolescents*

SCHC 7450: Group Counseling*

SCHC 7470: Counseling Culturally Diverse Populations*

SCHC 7800: Orientation to Counseling as a Profession

SCHC 7820: Career Counseling

SCHS 7830: Consultation and Advocacy in School Counseling*

SCHC 7900: Pre-Practicum*

SCHC 7981: School Counseling Practicum I*

SCHC 7991: School Counseling Internship I*

SCHC 7992: School Counseling Internship II*

SCHC 8160: Advanced Practice in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy*

SCHC 8891: Advanced Practicum in Supervision

SCHC 8995: Capstone Seminar


SEAC: Special Education - Adapted Curriculum

SEAC 5030: Single Subject Research in Special Education

SEAC 5050: Assistive Technology

SEAC 5140: Collaborative Roles in Education

SEAC 5190: Physical and Health Management of Students with Disabilities

SEAC 5500: Characteristics of Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

SEAC 5530: Systematic Instruction for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

SEAC 5540: Positive Behavior Support

SEAC 5550: Communication Strategies for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

SEAC 5570: Assessment and Curriculum for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

SEAC 6010: Integrated Instruction: Individualized Education Program

SEAC 6110: Professional Capstone Course*

SEAC 6200: Internship in Special Education–Adapted Curriculum


SEED: Secondary Education

SEED 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

SEED 4010: Integrating Technology in Secondary Education*


SEGC: Special Education - General Curriculum

SEGC 5140: Collaborative Roles in Education

SEGC 6000: Integration and Management of Instruction in the Classroom

SEGC 6020: Integrated Instruction: Assessment and Learning

SEGC 6030: Integrated Instruction: Evidence-based Methods and Strategies

SEGC 6040: Technological Support Planning for Children and Youth with Disabilities

SEGC 6050: Language and Learning Disabilities

SEGC 6100: Reading and Applying Research in Special Education

SEGC 6110: Professional Capstone Course*

SEGC 6200: Internship in Special Education–General Curriculum


SERD: Special Education - Reading

SERD 6030: Teaching Children to Read

SERD 6040: Reading Diagnosis, Remediation, and Management: Emergent and Early Readers

SERD 6060: Problems in Learning to Read–Comprehension

SERD 6070: Reading Research and Instruction


SOWK: Social Work

SOWK 6000: Orientation to Advanced Generalist Practice*

SOWK 6004: Social Work Practice with Groups*

SOWK 6100: Introduction to Professional Social Work Education*

SOWK 6201: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I*

SOWK 6301: Generalist Practice I: Individuals and Families*

SOWK 6302: Generalist Practice II: Organizations and Communities*

SOWK 6303: Practice Skills Lab*

SOWK 6400: Social Welfare Policy, Problems, and Services*

SOWK 6500: Research and Evaluation Methods in Social Work*

SOWK 6600: Practicum I*

SOWK 6610: Practicum Seminar I*

SOWK 6700: Practicum II*

SOWK 6710: Practicum Seminar II*

SOWK 7000: Independent Study in Social Work*

SOWK 7300: Advanced Practice with Individuals in Changing Communities*

SOWK 7310: Time-limited Approaches to Multi-level Social Work Practice*

SOWK 7320: Advanced Practice with Organizations and Communities*

SOWK 7400: Advanced Social Welfare Policy and Practice*

SOWK 7500: Advanced Research and Program Evaluation*

SOWK 7611: Advanced Social Work Practicum I*

SOWK 7612: Advanced Social Work Practicum II*

SOWK 7630: Professional Seminar*

SOWK 7700: Social Work with Older Adults*

SOWK 7750: Social Work in Child and Family Settings*

SOWK 7800: Social Work Practice in Health Settings*

SOWK 7810: Psychopathology and Assessment for NonMedical Helpers*

SOWK 7820: Issues in Substance Abuse*

SOWK 7830: Social Work Practice in Mental Health*

SOWK 7840: Seminar on Loss and Bereavement*

SOWK 7850: Social Work Practice in Schools*

SOWK 7860: Grant Writing in Human Services*

SOWK 7870: Social Work Practice with Abusing and Neglecting Families*

SOWK 7880: Social Work Practice in Forensics*

SOWK 7890: Spirituality in Social Work Practice*


SPAN: Spanish

SPAN 1001: Beginning Spanish Language and Introduction to Hispanic Cultures, I

SPAN 1002: Beginning Spanish Language and Introduction to Hispanic Cultures, II*

SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures I*

SPAN 2002: Intermediate Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures II*

SPAN 2010: Intermediate Grammar*

SPAN 2011: Intermediate Conversation*

SPAN 3010: Conversation and Composition*

SPAN 3150: Civilization and Culture of Spain*

SPAN 3160: Civilization and Culture of Latin America*

SPAN 3200: Introduction to Hispanic Literature*

SPAN 3250: Survey of Peninsular Literature*

SPAN 3260: Survey of Latin American Literature I*

SPAN 3270: Survey of Latin American Literature II*

SPAN 4010: Advanced Grammar*

SPAN 4020: Advanced Conversation*

SPAN 4110: Spanish Phonetics and Phonology*

SPAN 4500: Profession-related Practicum or Study Abroad*

SPAN 4980: Community Practicum


SPEC: Special Education

SPEC 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

SPEC 3000: Serving Students with Diverse Needs*

SPEC 3020: Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers*

SPEC 3040: Legal and Ethical Issues for Special Educators*

SPEC 8010: Readings in Issues of the Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities

SPEC 8020: Characteristics of Effective School Structures for Children and Youth with Disabilities

SPEC 8030: Leadership in Special Education Programs

SPEC 8040: Using Technology for Professional Development in Special Education

SPEC 8060: Single Subject Designs for Special Education Research

SPEC 8110: Advanced Capstone Experience

SPEC 8999: Thesis


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.