MATH: Mathematics

MATH 1101: Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

MATH 1111: College Algebra

MATH 2008: Foundations of Numbers and Operations*

MATH 2261: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I*

MATH 2262: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II*

MATH 2620: Statistical Methods*

MATH 3161: Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers I*

MATH 3162: Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers II*

MATH 4161: Mathematical Reasoning*

MATH 5180: Mathematics for Middle School Teachers

MATH 5190: Algebra and Geometry for Teachers*

MATH 6161: Mathematical Reasoning


MFTH: Marriage and Family Therapy

MFTH 6700: Family Sociology

MFTH 6800: Orientation to MFT Practice and Ethics

MFTH 6900: Foundations of Family Therapy

MFTH 7050: Class, Gender, and Ethnic Issues in Applied Settings*

MFTH 7101: Family Systems Theories*

MFTH 7102: Interventions in MFT*

MFTH 7103: Advanced Theories Seminar*

MFTH 7200: Research in Marriage and Family Therapy*

MFTH 7350: Legal Issues in MFT*

MFTH 7400: Psychopathology & Pharmacology in MFT*

MFTH 7500: Development in the Family System

MFTH 7600: Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy*

MFTH 7601: Treatment Issues in Family Therapy*

MFTH 7602: Couples and Sex Therapy*

MFTH 7650: Special Topics in MFT

MFTH 7700: Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy*

MFTH 7880: Professional Ethics Seminar


MGED: Middle Grade Education

MGED 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

MGED 3020: Introduction to Standards, Planning, and Assessment*

MGED 3110: Integrating Technology in Middle Grades Education*

MGED 3220: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas for Middle Grades*

MGED 3990: Development and Education of the Middle Grades Student, Part 1*

MGED 3991: Differentiated Classroom for Middle Grades*

MGED 4000: Development and Education of the Middle Grades Student, Part 2*

MGED 4100: Mathematics Methods for Middle Grades Education*

MGED 4200: Science Methods for Middle Grades Education*

MGED 4300: Social Studies Methods for Middle Grades Education*

MGED 4400: Language Arts Methods for Middle Grades Education*

MGED 4500: Methods of Teaching Reading for Middle Grades Education*

MGED 4620: Apprenticeship in Middle Grades Teaching*

MGED 4790: Student Teaching in the Middle Grades*

MGED 4800: Professional Practices Seminar*


MGMS: Middle Grades Math and Science

MGMS 5999: Professional Orientation

MGMS 7000: Professional Development Seminar I

MGMS 7100: Research Methodology in Education

MGMS 7200: Conceptualizing Middle Level Learning and Diversity in Context

MGMS 7240: Instructional Leadership and Assessment

MGMS 7300: Collaboration and Professionalism

MGMS 7400: Physical Science for Middle School

MGMS 7401: Chemistry, Earth Science, and Astronomy for Middle Grades

MGMS 7402: Life Science and Natural History for Middle Grades

MGMS 7650: Teaching Practicum


MGNT: Management

MGNT 3250: Management and Organization Behavior

MGNT 3910: Small Business Management*

MGNT 4000: Human Resource Management*

MGNT 4800: International Management*


MKTG: Marketing

MKTG 3050: Introduction to Marketing*

MKTG 4680: International Marketing*

MKTG 4750: Marketing of Services*


MLIS: Master of Library and Information Science

MLIS 7420: Literature for Children

MLIS 7421: Multicultural Youth Literature


MSED: Middle and Secondary Education

MSED 7000: Professional Development Seminar I

MSED 7001: Planning for Teaching*

MSED 7002: Content Methods*

MSED 7003: Middle and Secondary School Experiences*

MSED 7004: Reading and Writing for Diverse Populations, 4-12*

MSED 7005: Teaching Internship I*

MSED 7006: Teaching Internship II*

MSED 7010: Current Issues and Trends in MSED*

MSED 7020: Curriculum in Middle Grades and Secondary Education

MSED 7021: Apprenticeship in Teaching

MSED 7040: Evaluation and Assessment

MSED 7041: Teaching Internship

MSED 7650: Teaching Practicum*

MSED 7800: Professional Development Seminar II*


MUE: Music Education

MUE 2700: Brass Methods

MUE 2710: Woodwind Methods

MUE 2730: Percussion and Woodwind Methods

MUE 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

MUE 3100: Arranging for School Band, Chorus, and Orchestra*

MUE 3600: General Music Curriculum*

MUE 3720: String Methods

MUE 3730: Percussion Methods

MUE 3750: Vocal Methods

MUE 3780: String and Brass Methods

MUE 4600: Choral Curriculum and Techniques 2-1*

MUE 4610: Instrumental Curriculum and Techniques*

MUE 4620: Advanced Choral Conducting*

MUE 4630: Advanced Instrumental Conducting*

MUE 4700: Marching Band Techniques

MUE 4720: Advanced String Methods*

MUE 4790: Student Teaching in Music*

MUE 4800: Seminar for Student Teaching*

MUE 7000: Issues and Trends in Music Education

MUE 7600: Instrumental Music Curriculum

MUE 7610: Choral Music Curriculum

MUE 7640: General Music Curriculum

MUE 7680: Foundations of Music Education


MUSC: Music

MUSC 1001: Professional Orientation and Seminar for Music Majors

MUSC 1011: Music Theory I

MUSC 1012: Music Theory II*

MUSC 1016: Introduction to Computer Applications in Music*

MUSC 1051: Music Theory Lab I

MUSC 1052: Music Theory Lab II*

MUSC 1100: Music Appreciation

MUSC 1101: Diction For Singers

MUSC 1131: Functional Piano I*

MUSC 1132: Functional Piano II*

MUSC 1210: Secondary Applied Piano

MUSC 1410: Secondary Applied Voice

MUSC 2011: Music Theory III*

MUSC 2012: Music Theory IV*

MUSC 2051: Music Theory Lab III*

MUSC 2052: Music Theory Lab IV*

MUSC 3650: Conducting*

MUSC 3820: Concert Choir

MUSC 3850: Concert Band

MUSC 3860: Orchestra

MUSC 3880: Marching Band

MUSC 4451: History of Music to 1750*

MUSC 4452: History of Music since 1750*

MUSC 4750: Vocal Pedagogy

MUSC 4850: Wind Ensemble

MUSC 7010: Music Theory

MUSC 7020: Music History


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.