LEAD: Leadership

LEAD 7020: Developing Leadership Capacity in Schools and Communities

LEAD 7110: Inquiry-based Approaches to Curriculum Development, Revision, and Instructional Improvement

LEAD 7210: Ethics and Laws

LEAD 7420: Ethical and Legal Issues for Leadership

LEAD 7800: Organization and Governance of Higher Education

LEAD 7810: Finance and Budgeting in Higher Education

LEAD 7820: Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

LEAD 7830: Law and Policy in Higher Education

LEAD 7840: History and Philosophy of Higher Education

LEAD 7850: Ethics and Standards in Higher Education

LEAD 7921: Internship Preparation in Higher Education Leadership*

LEAD 7922: Internship in Higher Education Leadership*

LEAD 8030: School Culture, Change, and Organizational Dynamics

LEAD 8140: Leadership for Creating an Effective Learning Environment

LEAD 8230: Financing and Managing Educational Facilities

LEAD 8240: Managing Resources for School Improvement

LEAD 8410: Ethical and Legal Issues for Special Populations

LEAD 8510: Building Leadership for the 21st Century

LEAD 8520: Executive Leadership for the 21st Century

LEAD 8620: Leading a Professional Learning Community

LEAD 8630: Coaching and Mentoring For High-performing Schools

LEAD 8710: Directed Study in Educational Leadership

LEAD 8920: Advanced Leadership Field-based Experiences I

LEAD 8950: Advanced Leadership Field-based Experiences IV

LEAD 9010: Seminar in Organizational Leadership

LEAD 9020: Planning and Change for Leaders

LEAD 9030: Leadership Problems: Interdisciplinary Analysis

LEAD 9040: Organizational Theory, Culture, and Leadership

LEAD 9999: Dissertation in Leadership


LEAS: Legal Assistant Studies

LEAS 1100: Introduction to Paralegalism

LEAS 3200: Legal Research I


LIBS: Library Science

LIBS 1000: Introduction to Library Resources


LITR: Literacy

LITR 3110: Emergent Literacy*

LITR 3120: Early Literacy*

LITR 3130: Developing Literacy*

LITR 4120: Literacy Assessment and Applications*


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.