KSPE: Kinesiology and Physical Education

KSPE 1010: Physical Fitness

KSPE 2000: Health and Wellness for Life

KSPE 2010: Fitness and Team Activities*

KSPE 2020: Lifetime Activities*

KSPE 2150: First Aid - CPR

KSPE 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

KSPE 3101: Foundations and Technology in Health and Physical Education*

KSPE 3141: First Aid/CPR and Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries*

KSPE 3200: Nutrition for Health and Human Performance*

KSPE 3301: Contemporary Health Issues*

KSPE 3401: Instructional Planning and Evaluation*

KSPE 3411: Human Movement Applications*

KSPE 3420: Exercise Physiology*

KSPE 3450: Comprehensive Health Education*

KSPE 3460: Health Education Methods and Materials*

KSPE 3700: Elementary Physical Education Methods and Content* 

KSPE 3911: Diversity in Sport and Physical Education*

KSPE 4220: Management of Physical Education Programs*

KSPE 4710: Middle Grade and Secondary Physical Education Methods and Content*

KSPE 4790: Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education*

KSPE 4800: Professional Practice Seminar*

KSPE 7110: Physical Education for Exceptional Learners

KSPE 7120: Physical Education Pedagogy

KSPE 7130: Curriculum in Physical Education

KSPE 7140: Program/Content Development I

KSPE 7150: Assessment and Technology in Physical Education

KSPE 7160: Human Kinetics

KSPE 7170: Program/Content Development II

KSPE 7180: Interdisciplinary Physical Education

KSPE 7260: Professional Practices

KSPE 7910: Capstone Seminar in Physical Education*

KSPE 8100: Studying Sports Coaching

KSPE 8110 History, Sociology, and Psychology of Sport

KSPE 8200: Coaching Sciences

KSPE 8300: Applied Sports Science

KSPE 8410: Coaching Pedagogy: Evaluating Research

KSPE 8500: Coaching Pedagogy Research Methods

KSPE 8600: Professional Coaching Development

KSPE 8700: Communication Skills for Coaches

KSPE 8900: Coaching Pedagogy Capstone: Data Analysis Research Project


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.