INTP: Interpreting

INTP 2998: Entry to the Education Profession

INTP 3010: Introduction to ASL–English Interpretation*

INTP 3150: ASL/English Translation*

INTP 4010: Consecutive English to American Sign Language Interpreting*

INTP 4020: Consecutive American Sign Language to English Interpreting*

INTP 4030: Consecutive Transliterating English to English Sign Systems*

INTP 4040: Practicum for Educational Interpreters*

INTP 4050: Simultaneous English/American Sign Language Interpreting*

INTP 4060: Simultaneous American Sign Language Interpreting/English*

INTP 4070: Simultaneous Transliterating English to English Sign Systems*

INTP 4080: Educational Interpreting Internship*


ISCI: Integrated Science

ISCI 2001: Life and Earth Science for Early Childhood Education Teachers

ISCI 2002: Physical Science for Early Childhood Education Teachers


ITED: Instructional Technology

ITED 7050: Distance Education

ITED 7070: Decision-Oriented Research, Evaluation, and Professional Learning

ITED 7100: Foundational Theories in Instructional Technology

ITED 7200: Information Sources and Uses

ITED 7201: Information Resources and Services

ITED 7202: Bibliographic Organization

ITED 7203: Administering School Media Centers

ITED 7299: Internship in School Media Centers*

ITED 7300: Instructional Technology for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

ITED 7399: Internship in Technology Applications*

ITED 7400: Digital Learning Environments

ITED 7500: Vision and Planning for Instructional Technology

ITED 7600: Introduction to Discipline-Based Best Practices Literature

ITED 8100: Theories, Models, and Perspectives of Instructional Technology

ITED 8200: Instructional Design for Training and Education

ITED 8299: Internship School Media Center

ITED 8300: Technology Tools for Training and Education*

ITED 8400: Technology for Learning Environments: Evaluation, Selection, Management, and Collaboration

ITED 8500: Leadership in Instructional Technology

ITED 8600: Professional Development and Program Evaluation

ITED 8960: Discipline-Based Best Practices Literature

ITED 8970: Action Research Methods and Planning

ITED 8999: Action Research Project*


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.