CHEM: Chemistry

CHEM 1211K: Principles of Chemistry I*

CHEM 1212K: Principles of Chemistry II*


CIED: Curriculum and Instruction

CIED 7060: Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Integration

CIED 7601: Course Management Systems for E-Learning

CIED 7602: Resources and Strategies for E-Learning

CIED 7603: Design and Delivery of Instruction for E-Learning*

CIED 9100: Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

CIED 9200: Instructional Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation*

CIED 9300: Using Assessment to Maximize Student Learning*

CIED 9400: Review of Academic Discipline and Pedagogy Literature

CIED 9999: Dissertation in Curriculum and Instruction*


COMM: Communication

COMM 1100: Human Communication

COMM 1110: Public Speaking

COMM 2300: Interpersonal Communication*


CS: Computer Science

CS 1000: Introduction to Microcomputers and Applications

CS 1010: Algorithmic Problem Solving

CS 1301: Principles of Programming I*


CSD: Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD 2999: Entry to the Education Profession

CSD 3010: Introduction to Communication Disorders*

CSD 3020: Audiology I

CSD 3040: Applied Phonetics*

CSD 3060: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism*

CSD 3070: Normal Language Acquisition*

CSD 3080: Introduction to Neurology in Communication Disorders*

CSD 4020: Speech Science*

CSD 4040: Introduction to Articulation Disorders*

CSD 4050: Observation*

CSD 4070: Introduction to Fluency Disorders*

CSD 4110: Diagnostics in Communication Disorders*

CSD 4120: Consultation in Communication Disorders

CSD 4130: Organic Speech Disorders*

CSD 4140: Cultural and Dialectical Issues

CSD 4151: Audiology II

CSD 5010: Language Disorders in Young Children*

CSD 5030: Phonological Disorders*

CSD 5040: Fluency Disorders*

CSD 5050: Beginning Practicum*

CSD 5060: Language Disorders of School Age Children*

CSD 5080: Dysphagia and Motor Speech Disorders

CSD 5090: Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation*

CSD 5100: Intermediate Practicum*

CSD 5120: Aphasia and Other Neurogenic Disorders*

CSD 5130: Oro-Facial/ Syndrome Disorders*

CSD 5140: Advanced Practicum*

CSD 5160: Voice Disorders

CSD 5190: Applied Practicum in the Public School*

CSD 5200: Augmentative/Alternative Communication

CSD 5210: Externship in Communication Disorders*

CSD 5230: Thesis


*Denotes a prerequisite prior to enrollment in the course.


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