PSYC 1101 Extra Credit Opportunities

Research Alternative – Videos for PSYC 1101:

The research alternative gives students the opportunity to earn up to 2% on their final grade for PSYC 1101. Students will receive 1 hour of credit for each research alternative attempted and questionnaire turned in. 1 credit is worth 0.5%.  Students may attempt a maximum of 4 research alternatives, for a total of 4 hour credits, which equals 2% on the course final grade.

Additionally, research alternatives may be “mixed and matched” with research participation, keeping in mind that students can only earn a maximum of 2% in extra credit (4 hours of participation/alternative activities).

Students can choose to participate in research studies via the website, they can participate in the research alternative activities offered in the Research Alternative Activities BlazeView course, or they can participate in a combination of both.

The research alternative activities involve watching psychology-themed videos and then completing a ten question multiple-choice quiz relating to the videos. Students will have to get 6 out of the 10 quiz questions correct in order to earn credit for completion. Each research alternative activity will only be available for two weeks, after which it will no longer be available to complete. Each research alternative activity will be worth one credit because each will take approximately one hour to complete. Each research alternative activity will have its own instructions, so it is important that you follow those instructions in order to earn credit for completion.