Probationary Admissions

Probationary admission is defined by the Graduate School of Valdosta State University as the following (excerpted from VSU's Graduate School Bulletin, 2000-2001 edition, pp. 17):

"A person failing to meet one or more of the requirements for admission as a regular student may be considered for probationary admission under conditions specified at the time of admission by the appropriate department and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School... Students admitted as probationary admission are eligible for financial aid.

Students admitted on a probationary basis remain in this category for 9 semester hours of work. The grade-point average for these 9 semester hours must be 3.0 or higher, unless different conditions were specified at the time of admission. After completion of the probationary period, students may be reclassified as "regular" students, with the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School and the department concerned."