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Intelligence (Verbal& Non-Verbal)


Gifted Scales


    • Profile of Creative Abilities (PCA) The PCA is a measure of creative ability. (Ages 5.0 - 14.11 years)
    • Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement (TCAM) The TCAM assesses the creativity of young children or others with limited verbal and drawing skills. (Ages 3 - 6 years)
    • Thinking Creatively with Sounds and Words (TCSW) The TCSW is a battery of two tests: Sounds and Images (SI) and Onomatopoeia and Images (OI).
      • Level I (grades 3-12)
      • Level II (adults)
    • Style of Learning and Thinking (SOLAT) offers an introduction to the concept of brain hemispheres that will intrigue your students and enlighten you. Possessing an awareness of their own learning styles helps students understand how they learn and how they can approach a variety of challenges.
      • Grades K-5 (Elementary Form)
      • Grades 6-12 (Youth Form)
    • Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) These instruments have been used for identification of the creatively gifted and as a part of gifted matrices in states and districts in the USA, especially in multicultural settings, and for special populations around the world.
      • The Figural TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Pictures is appropriate at all levels, kindergarten through adult.
      • The Verbal TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Words is appropriate at all levels, first-grade through adult.
        • (Competency Certificates for Drs. Reffel and Adams)
    • Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) is a shortened version of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT). The ATTA provides substantial insight into the creativity of adults by quantifying figural and verbal creative strengths.


Critical Thinking