Deaf Studies Minor

Deaf Studies Minor: An Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

A minor in Deaf Studies was established by Valdosta State University to provide students with knowledge and skills in American Sign Language (ASL) as well as Deaf Culture, linguistics. Students pursing a minor in Deaf Studies are exposed to the uniqueness of ASL as a world lanugage while acquiring cultural knowledge that will enable them to successfully interact with the American Deaf community. The curriculum is designed to promote a cultural and linguistic understanding of Deaf individuals while encouraging students to analyze existing stereotypes pertaining to this population, so they in turn, can effectiviely educate hearing members of society.

The Deaf Studies Minor is housed in the Department of Middle, Secondary, Reading & Deaf Education within the James L. and Dorothy H. Dewar College of Education at Valdosta State University. Students can enroll in the program as traditional/on campus residents, or complete coursework through distance learning/video conferencing technology. The Department offers undergraduate programs in ASL/Interpreting, Deaf Education, Middles Grades Education, Reading and master's degree preparation in Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Students enrolled in programs such as Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Criminal Justice, Anthropology, a foreign language, Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Theater, and Film), communications, Education, Exercise Science, Business, Nursing, Mass Media, and other fields of study are highly encouraged to consider this minor.


Curriculum (18 Hours)

ASLS 2110 American Sign Language I

ASLS 2120 American Sign Language II

ASLS 3170 American Sign Language III

ASLS 3180 American Sign Language IV

DEAF 3100 Orientation to Deaf Education & Language Learning

DEAF 3150 Culture, History, and Literature of Deaf People