Add/Drop Classes

  • Drop/Add dates and all registration dates are listed in the VSU Academic Calendar.
  • Dropping or withdrawing from a course can have an impact upon your financial aid.  Prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course please talk with your financial advisor.  
  • Students can drop a class as withdrawal/passing until the midterm, after that, they can only withdraw as withdraw/failing. At the midterm, students should evaluate whether they want to continue on in the classes for which they are currently registered. Keep in mind that unlike undergraduate classes, graduate classes do not usually have assignments due by the midterm. To help you decide if you should remain in all of your classes, ask yourself:
    • Can I reasonably get all of the work done by the end of the semester?
    • Do I feel comfortable with the material, and do I believe I am gaining mastery over the concepts?
  • Prior to dropping or adding a course, please see your advisor and re-read the section on changing your advising plan
  • If you are having difficulties, if you are concerned about your performance in a class, you should meet with the professor or your advisor prior to the midterm to discuss whether you should drop the class.