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Leadership programs provide quality instruction, research, and service to prospective and practicing educational leaders in the university’s service region and beyond. All programs emphasize ethical decision-making and leadership for change.

Candidates who complete the GaPSC approved Performance-Based Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.), Certification Only program, or Performance Based Leadership Doctoral Concentration will be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to perform competently as professionals in P-12 educational leadership roles at the school building or system level.

The Doctoral Degree in Leadership (Ed. D.) seeks to develop doctoral candidates who are effective, ethical, and researcher oriented leaders seeking to maximize achievement in P-12 schools, universities, and other organizations. Skill applications serve as the connection between the knowledge and inquiry skills developed in the core curriculum and research courses and the increasingly complex world of restructured practice and organizational improvement. The doctoral program is intended to prepare candidates to assume active leadership roles in a variety of organizations.

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