Education Specialist degree, (Ed.S.) in IT

The Instructional Technology (IT) Ed.S. degree allows candidates to obtain an advanced degree in the rapidly growing field of instructional technology. Georgia media specialists, technology coordinators, and other educators and trainers with a Master’s degree in any field are invited to apply. By completing this degree and passing the GA content assessment for the field that aligns to the candidate’s program of study, the candidate will be able to add either the area of instructional technology or media specialist to his/her certificate and upgrade to the 6th year level. The online program offers participants the opportunity to complete all coursework and field experiences at a distance using the Internet and the VSU Course Management System. Because the online learning system is available continuously, candidates access their courses at their convenience using any computer connected to the Internet by a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox. Experiential learning and application of knowledge are vital components of each class. The Technology Applications Concentration prepares candidates to be technology coaches, coordinators, or instructional technologists in a variety of contexts: public schools, business, industry, government, the military, health fields, and higher education.


*9 hours of advanced level coursework focused on the content or content pedagogy in the candidate’s area of previous certification is required by GaPSC Rule 505-3.54 for Instructional Technology Certification. These hours may be satisfied through work on a thesis, research project, or dissertation directly focused on a content field held by the educator.


At the 6-Year Level we offer the Education Specialist degree in Instructional Technology with concentrations in