Course Descriptions

Ed.S. in Instructional Technology with a Library Media Concentration 


ITED 7070 Decision-oriented Research and Evaluation
Introduction to field-based research and evaluation issues and methodologies. Covers problem identification, sources of data, research and evaluation techniques, communicating with clients, legal/ethical considerations, and using data for decision making.

ITED 7100 Foundational Theories in Instructional Technology
Introduction to theories of learning, instruction, communication, information, and systems as applied to research and practice in the field of instructional technology. Includes presentation skills and instructional techniques.

ITED 7200 Information Sources and Uses
Introduction to information sources including Internet and databases, search strategies, information retrieval, access issues, legal and ethical issues, and evaluation of information.

ITED 7201 Information Resources and Services
Development and application of knowledge and skills necessary to provide information resources and services in P-12 media centers. The course includes strategies for integrating information access skills into the curriculum, selecting and evaluating resources in various formats, building media center collections, delivering traditional and electronic services.

ITED 7202 Bibliographic Organization
Introduction to basic cataloging and classification tools and processes as applied to integrated electronic systems. This course includes bibliographic networks, resources sharing, database maintenance and evaluation.

ITED 7203 Administering School Media Centers
(Prerequisite: ITED 7200, 7201, 7202.) Study of school library media professionalism and the organization, functions, facilities, and management of P-12 school media centers. This course includes planning, coordinating, supervising, budgeting, and evaluating media center personnel, services and programs.

ITED 7300 Instructional Design
Introduction to the systematic design of instruction and applied research, including front-end analysis, use of instructional learning theories to select learning strategies, assessment, formative and summative evaluation.

ITED 7400 Computer and Network Technology
Introduction to the process and products of automation and networking for technology support and library media personnel. Includes topics and issues related to facilities, planning, software and hardware, implementation, and evaluation.

ITED 7500 Management and Production of Multimedia Projects
Design, production, and management of multimedia projects for instruction. Emphasis is on design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of team-based projects.

CIED 7060 Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Integration
An exploration of curriculum issues and trends, curriculum development, integration of technology into the curriculum, implementation of innovative instructional techniques, and legal/ethical issues across content areas and grade levels.

LEAD 7200 Principles of Curriculum and Instruction for Educational Leaders
(Prerequisite: RSCH 7100, LEAD 7210) An examination of curriculum development and contemporary changes as they relate to social aims, learner characteristics, and social problems. Existing research in the area of curriculum and instruction pertinent to educational leaders is critiqued. Emphasis is on curriculum and instruction foundations, design, basic concepts, theory, and trends of curriculum from early childhood through secondary levels.

RSCH 7100 Research Methodology in Education
This course provides a study of methods used to conduct educational and educationally-related research and includes critical analysis of selected research articles and research design. Emphasized is the ability to use research and research methods to improve practices in educational and educationally-related settings.

ITED 8100 Theories, Models, and Perspectives of Instructional Technology 3-0-3

Survey and analysis of the theoretical perspectives of change, communication, diffusion, systems, learning, and instruction as applied in instructional technology.

ITED 8200 Instructional Design for Training and Education 3-0-3

Applications of systematic design principles to address as identified need in a training or education context. This course includes problem identification, message design, instructional strategies, and learner characteristics.

ITED 8299 Internship School Media Center 3 credit hours

Field experience in administering P-12 school media centers, supervised through distance technology.

ITED 8300 Technology Tools for Training and Education 3-0-3

Prerequisite: ITED 8200. Application of various technologies and products for instructional development. Includes in-depth use of computer-related technology tools to create effective instructional materials.

ITED 8400 Technology Selection for Learning Environments 3-0-3

Practical experiences as evaluators and consumers of educational technology based on research and review of commercial, educational, and other authoritative sources. The course includes source, vendor, and product analysis, study of effectiveness and other benefits, and incorporation in technology plans and facilities.

ITED 8500 Leadership in Instructional Technology 3-0-3

A study of theories and techniques for facilitating instructional

ITED 8960 Best Practices Literature in Instructional Technology 3-0-3

Broad critical analysis of professional literature in order to define, frame, and contextualize action-research projects. The use of print and on-line resources to identify important theoretical and empirical contributions that connect action-research interests to existing professional literature is discussed. Emphasis is placed on learning the skills of reviewing literature and applying the conventions of academic writing using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.


Possible Electives

ITED 7040 Thinking and Learning with Computers
Exploration of computer applications as cognitive tools for engaging and enhancing thinking in learners. Examines the theoretical , pedagogical and practical reasons for using computers as thinking tools.

ITED 7050 Distance Education
Introduction to distance education technologies and their utilization as instructional delivery systems.

ITED 7080 Technology and Learning Standards
Integration of technology into learning environments with an emphasis on matching technology with instructional approaches, content, student needs, and assessment to meet Georgia QCC standards.

ITED 7301 Systematic Design of Instruction
Application of systematic design principles to instructional and non-instructional projects. Includes project management, team building, and development issues for different delivery systems.

ITED 7302 Needs Assessment
Application of research and evaluation skills to a field-based needs assessment; investigation of non-instructional solutions with attention to performance improvement. Includes the use of job task analysis, consideration of organizational cultures, and application of team building skills.

ITED 7303 Advanced Instructional Design

(Prerequisite:  Approval of advisor.) Development of a professional project in which students design, implement, and evaluate an instructional product or learning environment.

ITED 7401 Using Networked Systems For Teaching & Learning
Practical experiences in setting up, managing, and using network applications to support instruction, collaboration, and computer-mediated communications.

ITED 7403 Instructional Technology Seminar
Investigations of specific contemporary topics and technologies through article analysis, using computer-mediated communications (CMC). Electronic media are the primary vehicles for course content and contact.