Transfer Credit Request Leadership Program

Doctoral students may transfer up to six semester hours of post-masters credit into the doctoral program. Course(s) must have been taken beyond an original Master’s degree. Credit may be requested for course(s) leading to a second Master’s, a Specialist, a Doctorate, or course work from a non-degree program. Transfer credit will be evaluated after admission by the academic department. To be eligible, credit must be no more than seven years old prior to admission to candidacy. Candidacy occurs after students have finished their coursework and passed the comprehensive exam equivalencies. Upon receiving the request, the doctoral advisor will decide on the appropriateness of the requested course(s) to the student’s program and formally notify the Graduate School who verify the information with the transcripts submitted by the student when applying for the program, 

In order for course work to be approved and officially credited on your VSU transcript, your advisor will need the following information.