Degree Description

The BBA courses in marketing enable students to:

  1. define marketing opportunities;

  2. plan and carry out marketing strategies;

  3. manage sales and salespeople; and

  4. engage in professional sales activities. The marketing program prepares individuals for challenging careers in both profit and non-profit organizations.

The Department of Marketing and Economics assesses the extent the marketing program requirements create the desired outcomes by using a variety of techniques. Examples of these assessments include:

Educational Outcome :

  • Students must complete a test of conceptual knowledge in marketing in the marketing capstone course.

  • Students must prepare and present a marketing plan in the marketing capstone course.

  • Students must prepare and present a comprehensive business case in the business capstone course.

B.B.A Degree with a major in Marketing (BBA)

Marketing Major Educational Outcomes:

  1. Marketing majors will be knowledgeable of current behavior theory and be able to apply it in target market selection.

  2. Marketing majors will be able to develop a marketing mix capable of reaching a selected target market.

  3. Marketing majors will be capable of developing and implementing a small-scale marketing research project.

  4. Marketing majors will demonstrate knowledge of the interdependence of global markets and global issues affecting marketing strategies.

Assessment of the educational outcomes for the Marketing major is primarily the responsibility of the Marketing faculty. Assessment is one part of ensuring curriculum effectiveness. The faculty use a variety of methods to assess the learning outcomes including examinations, quizzes, oral presentations, written assignments, research papers, and projects.  The faculty use the assessment results to continuously review and improve the economics curriculum.