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Alpha Psi Omega (ΑΨΩ)

Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatic fraternity, has a major goal of stimulating interest in dramatic activities at Valdosta State University. The highly active, energetic members of the Rho Epsilon cast are proud to aid the VSU theatre program in student recruitment, production activities, community service, and fundraising.

Alpha Psi Omega also presents two student performing organizations:

  • To Be Named Later Improv Troupe: the improv troupe holds biweekly workshops, many of which are open workshops.  They perform a variety of improv events through the academic year on campus and in the community.
  • Immediate Theatre Project: is a student operated theatre, producing the work of students, by students.

Prospective members must earn points through participation in post-secondary theatrical productions.

  • Thirty percent of this participation must come from production staff work— as stage manager, backstage running crew, usher, or house manager. Twenty percent must come from onstage performance.
  • Fifty percent must come from a combination of acting, directing, technical positions, play writing, choreography, musical conducting, or radio/TV performance.

Upon submitting materials demonstrating satisfactory participation, the student will be accepted as a pledge to the fraternity. Pledges are required to rehearse and perform the Greek alphabet and a work of Shakespeare of not less than fifteen lines (to be performed at the initiation ceremony). Upon successful completion of the initiation ceremony and payment of dues, the pledge becomes a member of the Rho Epison cast. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Professor Jacque Wheeler at

VSU Dance Club

The VSU Dance Club was founded by VSU dancers and Catherine Schaeffer in 2003. The VSU Dance Club supports the dance program and provides outreach to both the VSU campus and the Valdosta/Lowndes County Area. In addition to promoting outreach, the club seeks to create a support system among dancers and to provide an alternative outlet for dancers to express themselves as individuals outside of the dance curriculum. Club membership is available to any VSU student interested in the art of dance and looking for a place to express their inner dance artistry through community and campus volunteerism, participating in dance recruitment tours, or sharing in the joy of dance at club meetings and events. The VSU Dance Club also assists in supporting student participation in The American College Dance Festival through annual fund raising events.

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VSU Ballroom Dance Club

This dance club was founded in 2010 to create affordable opportunities for ballroom dancing and dance instruction for students, faculty members, and staff. The club is affiliated with USA Dance, which promotes ballroom dance as both a social activity and dance as a sport. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor/coach Professor Eric Nielsen at

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VSU is home to a student chapter of United States Institute for Theatre Technology.

For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Professor Esther Iverson at

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