Master of Arts in Communication - Core Classes

COMM 5000: Communication Theory                                                   

Review of theories of communication in a variety of contexts in the discipline.  The use of theory construction, theory building, and theory analysis will be studied.  Topics include rhetorical theories and artifacts, persuasion contexts, nonverbal communication theories, and organizational theories and strategies. 

COMM 7100: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication   

An advanced investigation of research methodologies used in the study of communication with in-depth study of research design and data management used in basic and applied research settings; study of descriptive, exploratory, and inferential statistical application; practical interpretations of computer-assisted data analysis. 

COMM 7200: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication

Survey of qualitative research methods used to conduct systematic inquiry into communication topics including ethnography, interviews, focus groups, and textual analysis.  Practical experience in information-collection design and analysis. 

MDIA 5000 Mass Media Theory                                                                   

The study of the structure, content, and effects of mass communication. Topics include historical, philosophical, and theoretical explanations of the mass media communication process.