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Alpha Psi Omega (ΑΨΩ)

Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatic fraternity, has a major goal of stimulating interest in dramatic activities at Valdosta State University. The highly active, energetic members of the Rho Epsilon cast are proud to aid the VSU theatre program in student recruitment, production activities, community service, and fundraising. Prospective members must earn points through participation in post-secondary theatrical productions.

  • Thirty percent of this participation must come from production staff work— as stage manager, backstage running crew, usher, or house manager. Twenty percent must come from onstage performance.
  • Fifty percent must come from a combination of acting, directing, technical positions, playwriting, choreography, musical conducting, or radio/TV performance.

Upon submitting materials demonstrating satisfactory participation, the student will be accepted as a pledge to the fraternity. Pledges are required to rehearse and perform the Greek alphabet and a work of Shakespeare of not less than fifteen lines (to be performed at the initiation ceremony). Upon successful completion of the initiation ceremony and payment of dues, the pledge becomes a member of the Rho Epison cast. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Professor Jacque Wheeler at

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Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

PRSSA was founded in 1968 by the Public Relations Society of America to cultivate a mutually advantageous relationship between students of PR and professional public relations practitioners. PRSSA has earned the distinction of being the preeminent public relations student organization in the world. PRSSA has more than 10,000 students in more than 300 chapters nationwide.

The Valdosta State University chapter of PRSSA was chartered in 1981. The North Florida Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America in Jacksonville sponsors this chapter. PRSSA is a student organization that offers its members opportunities to further their knowledge of the public relations field. It offers many additional opportunities for members, including scholarships, travel to national PRSA conventions, conferences, and PR workshops. PRSSA helps members discover their potential as PR professionals and the change to develop resumes before they graduate. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Joseph Mitchell at

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Lambda Pi Eta (ΛΠΗ)

Lambda Pi Eta is the honor society for communication students recognized by the National Communication Association (NCA). LPH has over 400 active chapters at four-year colleges and universities. The organization was founded in 1985, became a part of NCA in 1988, and became the official honor society of NCA in July 1995. The purpose of this organization is to recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies; stimulate interest in the field of communication; promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; provide opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication; establish and maintain closer relationships between students and faculty to foster student scholarship; and to explore options for graduate education in communication studies.

To qualify for membership in LPH, communication majors must have completed 60 semester hours with a 3.0 GPA and a minimum of 15 hours in communication courses with a 3.3 GPA. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Linda Jurczak at

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Student Society of Communication Scholars (SSCS)

The Student Society of Communication Scholars was founded by speech communication majors in 2010 to provide professional enrichment opportunities for students interested in speech communication. Membership is open to all communication majors and is not restricted by emphasis area or GPA; even undeclared majors may participate. SSCS gears its activities to members’ interests by hosting guest speakers in the discipline, running knowledge- and skill-based workshops, encouraging conference presentation of student scholarship, and providing service to the speech communication program through recruitment activities. SSCS is still in its formative phase and welcomes the interest and ideas of new members. For additional information on SSCS, please contact faculty advisor Dr. Molly Stoltz

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The Film and Video Society (FVS)

The Film and Video Society is the VSU student organization connected to the national University Film and Video Society. The organization welcomes all VSU students, regardless of major, interested in film and video story-telling. Members of FVS work in teams to create short films, music videos, and web series. In addition, FVS hosts film screenings and discussions, sponsors an annual showcase of student work and participates in various community outreach programs.  For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Mr. Brian Day at

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Association for Women in Communications VSU Chapter (AWC)

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is the professional organization for women in the communications field that champions the advancement of women by recognizing excellence and promoting leadership. Founded in 1909 as Theta Sigma Phi, AWC has evolved into a strong national network of communicators. AWC provides mentorship opportunities that are essential for personal and career growth. Disciplines represented within AWC include: broadcast journalism, television and radio production, film, advertising, public relations, marketing, graphic design, multi-media design, photography, and journalism. The list is continually growing as the profession expands. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Marie Elliott at

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The Society for Collegiate Journalists (SCJ)

The Society of Collegiate Journalists is intended for mass media majors focusing on broadcast journalism. The VSU SCJ Chapter consistently wins national awards for broadcast journalism excellence in areas of news, sports, and community reporting. SCJ members network with news directors and reporters, tour professional facilities, and participate in national conventions across the country. The Society of Collegiate Journalists consists of 140 chapters with alumni working in newsrooms nationwide. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor Mr. Frank Barnas

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VSU Dance Club

The VSU Dance Club was founded by VSU dancers and Catherine Schaeffer in 2003. The Repertory Dance Clubsupports the dance program and provides outreach to both the VSU campus and the Valdosta/Lowndes County Area. In addition to promoting outreach, the club seeks to create a support system among dancers and to provide an alternative outlet for dancers to express themselves as individuals outside of the dance curriculum. Club membership is available to any VSU student interested in the art of dance and looking for a place to express their inner dance artistry through community and campus volunteerism, participating in dance recruitment tours, or sharing in the joy of dance at club meetings and events. The VSU Dance Club also assists in supporting student participation in The American College Dance Festival through annual fund raising events.

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VSU Repertory Dancers

The VSU Repertory Dancers was founded by Eric Nielsen in 1986. This ensemble is the oldest dance repertory company in South Georgia. It provides dance program support and community outreach in dance. The VSU Repertory Dancers have over 200 choreographed dances documented on video for restagings both nationally and internationally. Admission to dance ensemble performances is by audition and open to all VSU students. . The ensemble also provides a touring experience on a professional level for participants and is key to preparing dancers for life in the real world of dance and performance following graduation. For additional information, please contact Professor Nielsen

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VSU Ballroom Dance Club

This new dance club was founded in 2010 to create affordable opportunities for ballroom dancing and dance instruction for students, faculty members, and staff. The club is affiliated with USA Dance, which promotes ballroom dance as both a social activity and dance as a sport. For additional information, please contact faculty advisor/coach Professor Eric Nielsen at

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