Requirements for Minor

Steps for Declaring WGST Minor 

Step 1:  Print and complete the Declaration of Minor Form.

Step 2:  Return completed form to Ashley Hall (Women's and Gender Studies office) 
The Coordinator for Women's & Gender Studies will sign form and forward to Registrar's office; an advising file will be opened for you and kept in Ashley Hall.

Step 3:  Contact Ms. Dorothy Nickell at or 229-249-4842 to schedule your advising appointment.

Requirements for Minor

The minor consists of a total of 15 hours that includes three required courses and two approved electives. Courses taken to satisfy core areas A through F cannot be counted as coursework in the minor. A grade of "C" or better must be earned in each course comprising the minor, and all prerequisites for specific upper division courses must be met. No more than two courses from the same department may be taken to satisfy the requirements of the minor.

Areas of Study:

  • History from Women's Perspectives
  • Queer Theory
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Women & Religion
  • What is Feminine & Masculine?
  • Domestic Violence
  • Social Justice
  • Feminist Theory
  • Women's Roles in Different Cultures
  • Women & Literature

Beginning Fall 2008, the following coursework is required for a minor in WGST:

Required Courses:

WGST 3000 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, offered every semester
WGST 3100 Feminist Theory, offered ever fall semester

WGST 4400

Women’s and Gender Studies Seminar, offered every semester

Elective Courses:

Any 2 of the courses listed below, or any 2 upper division courses with a WGST prefix.

CRJU 4700 Women in Criminal Justice
WGST/ENGL 3330 Studies in Women and Literature
WGST/HIST 4261 Women in the U.S. to 1869
WGST/HIST 4262 Women in the U.S., 1869 to Present
WGST/HIST 4270 History of Women in the U.S. South
WGST/HIST 4280 History of U.S. Women Activists & Social Reformers
PHIL 4600/REL 4700 Sexual Ethics
WGST/REL 3600 Women and Religion
SOCI 4680 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 4800/4810 Issues in Sociological Practice (Domestic Violence / Human Sexuality)
WGST 3630 Native American Women
WGST 4000 Masculinity Studies
WGST 4100 Queer Theory
WGST 4300 Global Feminism
WGST 4500

Directed Study

WGST 4600

Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

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