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I. To Listen Heart Beats Of The City

A. International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) Studio:

The studio has online webcam, live DJ talks, pop music tailored to college students, instant music logs, chat room to make friends, podcasts, etc.

B. Radio Television Honk Kong (RTHK) Radio Stations:

The RTHK has five stations, two (#3 & #4) of which are broadcasts online in English. Video programs are available on podcasts.

II. Program Items

A. Affiliated Universities

B. Lodgings (subject to change)

  1. National Chengchi University International House in Taipei:
  2. WuFeng Technology University in Chiayi:
  3. Y-Loft Hostel in Hong Kong:

C. Campus Instructions

  1. Step by Step to Study Abroad:

  2. Steps for Students with Financial Aid Studying Abroad:

E. City Exploration

Hong Kong Tourism Board:

This governmental website provides easy links to different interests.

Taipei Travel Net:

This site is sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of the Taipei City Government, it offers maps, videos, albums, sightseeing guides, flash games, everything useful for foreign tourists to know.


This website provides useful information for travels in the above cities. Enter the city name in the search box at the site to locate particular link to a city.

F. Learning Chinese

Chinese also known as Mandarin is a common language used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The following link takes beginning learners to a multimedia site where Chinese can be learned easily and interactively. (If Internet Explore browser does not work, you should try Mozilla Firefox)


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