Lake Louise Environmental Research Station

Lake Louise is a 13 acre "blackwater" lake located approximately 7 miles south of Valdosta in south-central Georgia. The lake and surrounding 170-acre property are owned and maintained by Valdosta State University as an outdoor laboratory where students and faculty from the Geosciences and Biology study soil science, hydrology, biogeography, microbiology, botany, and entomology. Opportunities exist for studies in upland, swamp, or lacustrine environments.

Faculty and students in the Geosciences are currently conducting research at Lake Louise to determine how time, groundwater levels, and plant growth influence soil properties. This project is ongoing and there is a wide array of opportunities for VSU students who are interested in an undergraduate research experience in areas such as soil science, hydrogeology, biogeography, GIS, GPS, and surveying. If you are interested in participating please contact: The Department of Physics, Astronomy, & Geosciences at 229-333-5752.


Lake Louise