B.A. with a Major in Spanish - FLED Track

The Foreign Language Education Track (Spanish) in the Department of Modern and Classical language holds accreditation from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Students who are enrolled in the program leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in the Foreign Language Education Track will meet all outcomes defined for the students in the program leading to the B.A. degree in Spanish in the Language and Culture Track. In addition, there are Performance Standards outcomes established by the College of Education for the professional courses taken to achieve certification in grades pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. There are several areas that the outcomes address that are not included in the outcomes for the content area, including the following:

Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate an understanding of the nature of the learner.

  2. To employ instructional strategies and research methodologies appropriate to the discipline and the learners.

  3. To demonstrate effective planning skills.

  4. To employ effective assessment techniques in evaluating learners and programs.

  5. To maintain an on-going program of professional development.

    Requirements for the B. A. degree with a major in Spanish—Foreign Language Education Track

    Core Curriculum Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)

    42 hours

    Core Curriculum Area F

    18 hours

    SPAN 1001 and SPAN 1002

    0-6 hours

    SPAN 2001 and SPAN 2002

    0-6 hours

    FLED 2999

    0 hours

    EDUC 2110, EDUC 2120, EDUC 2130

    9 hours

    Electives from Area C and Area E Courses

    0-18 hours

    Students must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all courses taken in Area F.

    Senior-College Curriculum

    60 hours

    Upper-Level Courses in Spanish

    35 hours

    SPAN 2010, SPAN 3010

    6 hours

    SPAN 2011

    1 hour

    SPAN 3150, SPAN 3160, SPAN 3200

    9 hours

    SPAN 3250 and either SPAN 3260 or 3270

    6 hours

    SPAN 4010, SPAN 4110

    6 hours

    SPAN 4020

    2 hours

    SPAN literature course numbered above 4000

    3 hours

    SPAN 4980

    2 hours

    Upper-Level Courses in Education

    22 hours

    SEED 4010, FLED 3510, FLED 4510

    3 hours

    FLED 3500, FLED 4500

    4 hours

    SPEC 3000

    3 hours

    FLED 4790

    10 hours

    FLED 4800

    2 hours


    0-3 hours

    Total hours required for the degree

    120 semester hours

    In addition to the assessment procedures used to evaluate the extent to which students enrolled in the B.A. degree program in Spanish meet the anticipated outcomes, there are measures employed to determine the effectiveness of the preparation of the prospective teachers.

    Outcomes Assessment

    1. Students maintain portfolios containing sample coursework, research projects, and community activity to be evaluated before the beginning of student teaching. Upon completion of student teaching, students complete a second portfolio to determine the student’s success in synthesizing and applying acquired knowledge to the actual experience. Components of the portfolio include, teaching philosophy, video tapes, self-critiques, reflections of the entire experience, lesson plans, summary of methodologies and instructional strategies, ancillary materials, contacts, and an annotated bibliography of resource materials.

    2. Mentor teachers and the university supervisor furnish performance reports of the students.

    3. GACE II, the standard examination for teacher certification, assesses students’ knowledge of content material related to Hispanic culture, language, and literature, as well as pedagogy. Scores on the examination serve as one indication of the effectiveness of the program.

    4. Periodic surveys of alumni who have completed the program are conducted. These surveys evaluate the relevance of the major program to graduates’ present employment, perception of success, and their personal satisfaction with the program, as well as solicit suggestions for improvement of the Spanish major in the Foreign Language Education Track.