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Executive Branch

The SGA Executive Branch strives to address all student concerns on campus, along with advising members of the Legislative Branch on different matters. This board works to enhance the quality of life for students and voices concerns of students to the administration and community and help resolve those concerns. Duties of the Executive Branch include serving on university committees, speaking at events, as well as coordinating legislation and activities of practical value to the students.

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Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of 50 student senate seats consisting of appointed and elected students. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Senate. The Senate shall formulate such policies, regulations, and recommendations that shall relate to the student body. Elections, which take place both in the fall and spring semesters, act as the voice of the student body. Each senator is required to serve on various committees in the Senate representing different student concerns.

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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch consists of eleven justices. Out of those eleven, a Chief Justice is elected annually to preside over the Judicial Council. The primary duty of the Council is to interpret the SGA Constitution and By-Laws as well as conduct case conduct hearings as assigned by the Student Conduct Office. The judicial branch also settles disputes or complaints that students may have with Student Government Association, and its agencies. The Judicial Branch is the final say on issues of noncompliance, judicial complaint, or impeachment. Members gain important experience in due process and proper judicial procedure as defined in the Student Handbook's Student Code of Conduct.

To report an incident, please complete the Student Conduct Incident Report. To apply to become a Student Government Association Justice, please complete the Justice Application. For more information regarding the judicial process of Student Government Association, please contact Ms. Sherolyn Hopkins, Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct, at

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Dr. James G. Archibald, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs,

Ms. Niki Turley, Associate Dean of Students,

Ms. Sherolyn Hopkins, Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct,

Ms. Andrea Snow, Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs/Budget Manager for Student Activity Fee Allocations,