Resident Assistant Application


  • 2.65 minimum GPA requirement
  • Must have on campus living experience
  • Must be in good standing with the University
  • Access the application at this link.

Note: Students who will be student teaching, in their junior year of Nursing program or entering Athletic Training program are not eligible for the RA position due to conflicts of schedule.


  • If submitting a paper application, complete all sections of the application in black ink.
  • Please detach the recommendation forms, complete the “Waiver of Access” portions of the forms, and give them to two different people to complete. It is suggested that at least one recommendation form be completed by a professor or former supervisor. Recommendations should be mailed to the Office of Housing and Residence Life by the person completing them.
  • Submit your completed application to the Office of Housing and Residence Life front desk.

Selection Timeline for Fall 2013-Spring 2014 (dates subject to change)

September 5, 2012 RA Application is available online and at hall front desks

September 11, 2012 Information Session in Patterson classroom @ 8p

September 12, 2012 Information Session in Hopper classroom @ 6p

September 13, 2012 information Session in Georgia classroom @ 7p

September 28, 2012 Applications due to the Housing Office by 3:00 pm

October 1-12, 2012 Interviews (not all applicants may get an interview)

October 19, 2012 Notification if selected for Spring 2014 RA Class

November 16, 2012 Extended RA application deadline

Spring Semester Participation in the Spring RA class will determine final placement and job offers

Application process for Fall 2012-Spring 2013 is now closed.

Candidates who have already submitted applications will be contacted for an interview.

Questions? Call Dusty Abshire at 333-5920 or email