Diversity Management

The Office of Social Equity is pleased to announce Cultural Diversity Training is available for the campus community and business organizations within the southwest region.

In May 2004, Cultural Diversity Trainers from the National MultiCultural Institute in Washington, DC came to VSU to provide an intensive 4-day train-the-trainer workshop for thirty members from across the VSU campus community

After completion of the training, these participants were certified as beginning cultural diversity trainers or as lead learners. The training participants now comprise the VSU Diversity Training Council. Through the Council, the Office of Social Equity can meet the needs of the campus and surrounding community. Several individuals within the group were trained to serve as lead learners for faculty, staff and students within the community.

If your organization would like to obtain more information about diversity training, please contact the Office of Social Equity at (229) 333-5463.

The VSU Diversity Training Team provides the following services to Faculty, Staff, Students:

  • Presentations – Interested Faculty/Organizations can select either a thirty (30) minute or one (1) hour presentation on cultural awareness which can be used to supplement class and group discussions.

  • Workshops – In addition to diversity presentations, all members of the VSU community are encouraged to attend the diversity training workshops to be held each semester as scheduled by the VSU Diversity Training Team. These diversity workshops will incorporate interactive multi-media activities and will provide opportunities for individuals to consider an expanded definition of diversity. Please check the Office of Social Equity calendar for workshop dates