Planning and Budget Council

The Planning and Budget Council is a component of the university strategic planning process. It is charged to ensure the strategic allocation of resources in conjunction with Valdosta State University’s goals. The Council develops the annual budget plan for recommendation to the President based on input received from all departments of the University. The Council monitors the Budget Plan throughout the year via weekly meetings to ensure the continued effective and efficient use of resources.

FY2016 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are open to Faculty, Staff & Students.
Meetings will be held at 9:00 a.m.

Committee Reports Due for Inclusion in Agenda

Meeting at

9:00am on

Meeting Location

Action Items


 Approved Minutes


September 11, 2015

University Center Cypress Room

Review FY16 Enrollment; EMC presents FY17 Headcount and Fee Paying estimates.




October 16, 2015

University Center Cypress Room





November 13, 2015

Student Union Meeting Room 1A & 1B

Review FY17 Revenue/Enrollment Projections



December 4, 2015

University Center
Cypress Room

Review FY 17 Mandatory Fees, 5-yr Auxiliary Summary and PPV 10-year Projection Summary.




January 8, 2016

Student Union Meeting Room 1A & 1B

Review FY17 Professional Program and Graduate Rate Requests, Miscellaneous, Housing, and Food Service Fees




February 19, 2016

University Center
Cypress Room

Review Spring enrollment revenues, E-rate request, FY16 2Q Lapse, Review process for YE16 Spending Projects



March 4, 2016

Student Union Meeting Room 1A & 1B





April 22, 2016

 University Center Cypress Room

Approve FY17 Original Budget Scenario, eRates, and all other budget summaries.  Review 3Q Lapse, FY 16 Remaining and YE Projects.




May 20, 2016

Student Union Meeting Room 1A & 1B





June 17, 2016

Student Union Meeting Room 1A & 1B




Guiding Principles

  • Open meetings

  • Membership represents the core values of the University.

  • Members represent the University, not their constituents.

  • Focused strategic objectives (4-6) and resource needs for the objectives will be vetted through the process.

  • Routine objectives and resource needs will be established within the managing department and supported at historical levels.

  • Committee's work concerns planning and budgets.

  • Deadlines for the year will be completed by Finance and Administration and will be reviewed by the Committee.

  • Enrollment estimates and state funding estimates will be used to create budget recommendations.

  • Voting members should have a minimum of a two year term.

  • In keeping with our Campus Climate Commitment, minutes will now be distributed electronically for your review.

  • The Planning and Budget Council and University Council voted to have joint meetings until further notice