Computer Labs Information

Valdosta State University uses Active Directory (AD). The username for each lab is an abbreviation of the building name followed by an underscore and the lab room number. The password for all computers in labs are displayed on the login page of each computer in the labs.


Nevins Hall 2031 - username: nh_2031

Bio/Chem Building 3019 - username: bc_3019

The computer labs list contains the location and usernames for all campus labs.

Computer Labs

The Lab Management Group is a work group of the Client Support Services department of the Division of Information Technology and is made up of one full-time staff member and three student assistants. We provide hardware and software support for most computer labs on campus.

Lab Usage Tips:

  • Any changes or data saved to computer lab machines will be removed upon a restart, so please keep this in mind when working on projects or papers and save them to an external media such as a USB jump drive.
  • There is a "T" drive, located under "My Computer" on the machines in several computer labs on campus, where data may be stored temporarily until a more permanent storage device, such as a USB jump drive or cd, is found. Data stored in this "T" drive will not be removed on a restart, but should not be relied upon as machines are updated and reimaged regularly and any data located in this "T" drive will be removed. It is merely there as a temporary means of data storage in the event that a removable storage device is not immediately available.