VSU Wireless Maintenance

Re-register your Device After 10PM on Friday, April 11th

The VSU Wireless network was updated on Friday, April 11th at 10 PM. While most mobile phones, tablets, and registered gaming devices will not be affected by this update, other devices may need to be re-registered using the steps listed in the links below:

1. Remove the existing wireless profile: http://www.valdosta.edu/administration/it/its/css/helpdesk/guides/wireless/remove-wi-fi-profiles.php

2. Re-register your device: http://www.valdosta.edu/administration/it/its/css/helpdesk/guides/wireless/welcome.php

We apologize for any inconvenience this update may cause. This is a mandatory update to our security environment to ensure services, resources and accounts are protected. Due to the recent security breaches across the internet we are taking all safety measures to protect student, faculty, and staff information.